These days, trekking through the jungle, no one fears bumping into a living dinosaur, but out on the open ocean, where over 90% of the deep sea floor remains unexplored, you never know––and that’s what makes Vengeance so terrifying. This is not a tale of fictitious dinosaurs created in a laboratory.

Pliosaurs died out with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago . . . supposedly. Throughout the world’s oceans there have been thousands of plesiosaur and pliosaur sightings. Many of these sightings were used in and helped inspire the Vengeance From The Deep novel series.


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Images of Leviathan: The Greatest Predator That Ever Lived

What was Leviathan? Was it a beast of myth and legend, or as the Bible may suggest, a true, living creature that existed alongside man? Were these ancient scriptures a testament to the survival of a monster deemed extinct for 65 million years?

Are these primeval nightmares still around? Follow author Russ Elliott on a chilling adventure as he introduces a series of images depicting the prehistoric marine reptile pliosaur as the Biblical Leviathan. Contains over thirty thrilling images.

Be warned: you may never enter the water again.